Site Selection Criteria for a Critical Data Center

Site Selection Criteria for a Critical Data Center

As the reality of supporting high density servers are forcing more users to relocate their data center to a new facility designed exclusively for high density data processing, selecting a location for these new data centers is becoming critical. In selecting a site to locate a critical data center, there are a number of factors that must be considered.

The following is a summary of some of the general factors that should be considered for any prospective site. All of these site selection criteria are designed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of a critical data center. Some of these factors may not apply specifically to your data center, but are industry standard site considerations for a mission critical data center.

Technical Factors


  • Earthquake Zone 3 or less
  • Out of any floodplains, away from inundation zones of dams
  • Outside areas impacted by hurricanes or tornadoes
  • Not within 200 yards of major highways
  • Away from all railway lines
  • No hazardous production facilities nearby
  • No airports or flight corridors nearby

Infrastructure Elements


  • Availability of capacity required
  • Availability of multiple power feeds from multiple substations
  • Written timeframes from the utility if upgrades are required
  • Record of outages/responsiveness of utility to assure power quality


  • Availability of fiber from multiple carriers
  • Diverse entrance facilities
  • Microwave line of site if needed
  • Satellite capability on roof


  • Preferable - Two sources available
  • Minimum - Space for a water storage tank with 48 hour supply of water


  • Availability if needed

Site Criteria

  • Useable size and shape with a maximum 60 X 40 ratio of depth to width
  • Securable site with berms and fencing on perimeter
  • Soil conditions to permit footings required
  • Drainage away from the building and off site

Economic Factors

Site Acquisition

  • Reasonable land costs
  • Reasonable Permit costs and approval timeframes
  • Clearly defined assessment bonds
  • Reasonable labor costs

Site Improvements

  • Location of utilities required
  • Acceptable soil conditions
  • Identified demolition and cleanup costs
  • A clean toxics report with no hazardous material or contamination

Cost Issues

  • Reasonable utility operating costs
  • Identified costs to bring telecommunication carriers on to the site
  • Identified ongoing site maintenance costs


  • Proper zoning for usage
  • Acceptable permits and review requirements and timeframes
  • Environmental impact requirements are already addressed
  • No prohibition on standby generator usage

Quality Factors

Site Location

  • Accessibility to the site
  • Availability of public transportation
  • Amenities available nearby
  • Service and vendor access to the site
  • Recreational opportunities nearby
  • Reasonable housing costs in the area

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