Data Center Projects at a Glance
Sample completed projects
Client Location Size (S.F.) Service
Porto Segura Sao Paulo, Brazil 7 story bldg Commissioning
Confidential California 36,000 Commissioning
Data Center Pulse California N/A Technology Services
Adobe San Jose, California N/A Commissioning of Fuel Cells Phoenix Arizona 50,000 Design and Commissioning
NCAR Cheyenne, Wyoming 10,000 Design and Consulting
City of SF San Francisco CA N/A Design and Consulting
State of CA CA N/A Facility Defragmentation and Operational Audit
Vandenberg Airforce Base Santa Barbara CA N/A Facility Audit

Previous Projects
Client Location Size (S.F.) Service
KIO Networks (Four Phases) Mexico City, Mexico 40,000 Design & Commissioning
Met Center Austin, Tx 500 Acre site Develop Electrical and Telecommunications Infrastructure Master Plan for Corporate Data Center Park
BT Towers Mecca, Saudi Arabia 10,000 Design
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA 15,000 Design
Samsung Suwon, South Korea 100,000 Peer Review, Tier Evaluation & Commissioning Service
NCAR Cheyenne, Wyoming 10,000 LEED Gold Certification
KIO Networks II (Phase I) Quertaro, Mexico 40,000 Design & Commissioning
State of California Teal Data Center Sacramento, CA 43,000 Managed Services & design for
Health & Human Services, CA Sacramento, CA 30,000 Design & Commissioning
Health & Human Services, CA Sacramento, CA 30,000 Facility Assessment
Cal Trans California (State Wide) Various Data Center Site Assessments and Program Development
Adobe Various 40,000 Facility Assessment, develop Owner's Project Requirements, Site Selection and Basis of Design for future sites
365 Main Los Angeles 80,000 Commissioning
365 Main San Francisco, CA   Infrastructure Risk Assessment
Telegis US, Europe & Asia 1M SF Design
State of New Mexico   20,000 Facility Assessment
Software Developer Washington State 240,000 Document Review and Commissioning Consulting Services
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore, CA   Design, Construction Administration and Commissioning
Copart Auto Las Vegas, NV   Design and Commissioning
BJK Data Center United States 500.000 Project Management ? Engineering Assessment
AT&T   17,000 Project Management
Silicon Graphics Mountain View, CA 16,000 Project Management & design
Wells Fargo Cassie Hills, CA   Project Management
WAVVE Rancho Cordova, CA   Project management
Fremont Investment & Loans Orange County, CA 10,000 Design & Commissioning
e-Cavern Louisville, KY 300,000 Underground Data Center Facility Master Planning and Consulting services
State of California Insurance Fund Riverside, CA 10,000 Design of a Disaster Recovery Site
State of California Insurance Fund Vacaville, CA 15,000 Data Center Master Planning and Conceptual Design
Goodfellows Air force Base San Angelo, TX 15,000 Design & Commissioning for UPS and Generator Upgrade
Goodfellows Air force Base San Angelo, TX 15,000 Design & Commissioning for UPS and Generator Upgrade
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA 4 x 1,000 Design of Telco Hubs
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA 15,000 Assessment
Citigroup Roanoke, TX 200,000 Operational Risk Assessment
Mindjet San Francisco, CA 3,000 Master Planning and Commissioning
Saudi Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 60,000 Peer Review & Tier Evaluation
General Automics San Diego, CA 5,000 Owner's Project Requirements
California State University Long Beach, CA 15,000 Owner's Project Requirements
Hawaiian First Bank Hawaii 10,000 Commissioning
Kaiser Permanente Corona, CA 50,000 Commissioning
GoDaddy Phoenix, Az 10,000 Commissioning
KIO Networks II (Phase II) Queretaro, Mexico 10,000 Design
Stanford University Stanford, CA 12,000 Programming
MGS Onterio, Canada 25,000 Tier Evaluation
Marin County Marin, CA 10,000 Leed Certified Commissioning
Our Clients
CDCDG was a pleasure to work with on the evaluation of our 131,000 square foot data center.
CDCDG was a tremendous help to us in figuring out our long term data center requirements.
CDCDG has been a real asset to us in helping us choose the location for our backup data center.
The commissioning process was effortless thanks to CDCDG.
From concept to commissioning CDCDG was an invaluable partner to us.
CDCDG's thorough evaluations of our statewide data center initiative has helped us to be a success.
It's been a pleasure working with you on another successful data center project.
Your support of our worldwide data center initiative has helped us to our success.
Your design oversight saved us thousands of dollars on our data center build.
We could not have done it without you.