About Us

Since its beginning 20 years ago, Cerified Data Center Design Group (CDCDG) has had a simple goal - provide a world class quality of Data Center related design and engineering services to an ever expanding list of clients.

Whether you are considering the feasibility of buying, leasing, or building a Data Center, or need help in its design, re-design, commissioning, or help in keeping it maintained throughout its life, CDCDG has the knowledge and experience necessary to support and guide your decisions.

CDCDG has successfully designed more than 3 million square feet of Data Center space in the last 10 years. Clients have ranged from corporations, financial institutions, and collocation data center owners to Federal, State and Local government entities. Many clients and client sites have been outside the United States - in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. CDCDG's broad range of experience and expertise has been carefully expanded over the years to include both design and operations and maintenance capabilities for both new and existing sites.

Our collective Data Center design experience, coupled with the combined experience we have regarding hands-on Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Data Centers gives us an unprecedented set of skills from which you the client can draw.

Only recently has the term "Green Data Center" come into use, even though CDCDG has emphasized effective efficiency in its designs for many years without compromising reliability. Within CDCDG are LEED Accredited Professionals who are always available to work with Clients who wish to work for a LEED Certification of their facility. CDCDG has completed numerous LEED Gold data centers and is currently working on a LEED Platinum data center.

Most clients need adaptable and flexible approaches to meet their Data Center needs. All of CDCDG's designs are modular, scalable and expandable. We can't predict changes in technology, but we can designs solutions that can change as the technology changes. CDCDG has a proven track record of providing innovative, reliable data center solutions that can meet client's long term facilities needs.

CDCDG's Partners have authored dozens of papers regarding various Data Center related topics. All are available to clients as information sources to show how we are striving to clarify the best practices necessary to achieve the most successful Data Center configurations for our clients.

CDCDG was formed to be the single company that brings together the best resources in innovative data center design, engineering, construction, technical project management, and Data Center Life-cycle Operations and Maintenance. CDCDG provides consulting services to address the growing requirement for next generation technology infrastructures - those "Mission Critical" facilities successful clientele worldwide require.

Our Clients
CDCDG was a pleasure to work with on the evaluation of our 131,000 square foot data center.
CDCDG was a tremendous help to us in figuring out our long term data center requirements.
CDCDG has been a real asset to us in helping us choose the location for our backup data center.
The commissioning process was effortless thanks to CDCDG.
From concept to commissioning CDCDG was an invaluable partner to us.
CDCDG's thorough evaluations of our statewide data center initiative has helped us to be a success.
It's been a pleasure working with you on another successful data center project.
Your support of our worldwide data center initiative has helped us to our success.
Your design oversight saved us thousands of dollars on our data center build.
We could not have done it without you.