Proven reliability in a data center - KIO Networks Case Study

Proven reliability in a data center - KIO Networks Case Study

Availability statistics are a little like projected profits for a dot com company. Based on optimistic projections and subject to any number of qualifications, rarely do they turn out exactly as planned. Since availability in a data center can be affected by a number of factors including the way the data center was originally designed, tested, commissioned and maintained, theoretical projections of reliability mean little. Almost all data centers designed today claim they are designed for 5-9 levels of availability. Having evaluated dozens of data centers in the last 3 years for a number of different clients, I seriously doubt that many of them could meet those levels of reliability. Since most data centers built today only see a couple of power outages a year, their reliability numbers rarely get tested.

If ever there was a data center that has proved itself over time, it is Kio Networks Data Center located in the Santa Fe section of Mexico City. Kio Networks was designed and constructed in 2001. The first customers were installed and online in January of 2002. Since that time, Kio Networks has had an amazing 78 power outages that required the generators to start. On each occasion the data center's emergency power system has performed flawlessly, giving Kio Networks data center an enviable record of 100% availability. While a new utility connection has greatly improved the reliability of the utility power recently, the 78 power outages have given KIO Networks a proven track record of reliability that it would take other data centers 10 to 15 years to match.

Designed to US standards as a colocation data center, Kio Networks was one of the first 5-9's data center built in Mexico City. Capable of accommodating a wide range of users including Internet, enterprise, corporate and financial, Kio Networks has been very successful in attracting an impressive variety of customers. Current customers include:

  • Grupo Modelo
  • Cablevision
  • Grupo Televisa
  • SKY
  • Manpower
  • INEA
  • Pepsi Bottling Group
  • Mexican Credit Bureau
  • HP

Those customers can feel confident that Kio Networks buss redundant electrical design has proven itself time and time again. A buss redundant electrical design utilizes a series of independent primary busses and a reserve buss that acts as the second source of power for the primary busses. Designed to meet the 5-9's availability requirements of modern data centers, all customer loads are always protected by either a primary or a reserve UPS system. Capable of concurrent operations and maintenance and with the redundancy to survive multiple failures, KIO Networks can confidently test and maintain their data center without jeopardizing their customers.

Designed by Cerified Data Center Design Group and EYP Mission Critical Facilities, KIO Networks data center was subjected to an extensive testing and commissioning program prior to the first customers being installed. All systems were tested and certified as fully functional by Apparatus Testing and Engineering. Once the electrical testing was completed, commissioning was started. Every system was loaded to 100% of its design capacity and run for 4 to 8 hours. Infrared scanning (Thermographic imaging) was done while the system was fully loaded to ensure there were no loose connections or hot spots on any of the systems. The Computer Room Air Conditioning Units were also tested under full load and a series of integrated system tests were conducted to ensure that all of the systems worked together as designed. Only after the data center was certified as being fully functional were the first installations begun.

With a proven track record of reliability and with some of the most important companies in Mexico already on board as clients, KIO Networks is now looking to expand its data center. The current 14,000 square feet or raised floor is 75% leased and they have another 14,000 square feet of raised floor expansion available. Construction on the expansion should start shortly. KIO Networks is also looking to move into other cities in Mexico such as Monterrey in the near future. With KIO Networks reliability is a reality, not an abstraction.

Our Clients
CDCDG was a pleasure to work with on the evaluation of our 131,000 square foot data center.
CDCDG was a tremendous help to us in figuring out our long term data center requirements.
CDCDG has been a real asset to us in helping us choose the location for our backup data center.
The commissioning process was effortless thanks to CDCDG.
From concept to commissioning CDCDG was an invaluable partner to us.
CDCDG's thorough evaluations of our statewide data center initiative has helped us to be a success.
It's been a pleasure working with you on another successful data center project.
Your support of our worldwide data center initiative has helped us to our success.
Your design oversight saved us thousands of dollars on our data center build.
We could not have done it without you.