Porto Segura
Client: Porto Segura primary data center
Services: Commissioning
Date: 2012


CDCDG recently completed commissioning Porto Segura's primary data center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This highly redundant data center is now up and running and Porto Segura is in the process of moving customers into the facility. The data center is located in a 7 story Building in Sao Paulo - Brazil and includes:

  • A 2 story underground parking garage
  • A battery room located in the first basement
  • Ground Floor for the Facilities area (Generator, UPS, substation and electrical rooms)
  • 1° and 2° floor for Data Center Area (660 m² DP area each floor)
  • 3° and 4° floor for Offices Area (there is a NOC in the 3° Floor)
  • Air conditioning support equipment located on the roof


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Our Clients
CDCDG was a pleasure to work with on the evaluation of our 131,000 square foot data center.
CDCDG was a tremendous help to us in figuring out our long term data center requirements.
CDCDG has been a real asset to us in helping us choose the location for our backup data center.
The commissioning process was effortless thanks to CDCDG.
From concept to commissioning CDCDG was an invaluable partner to us.
CDCDG's thorough evaluations of our statewide data center initiative has helped us to be a success.
It's been a pleasure working with you on another successful data center project.
Your support of our worldwide data center initiative has helped us to our success.
Your design oversight saved us thousands of dollars on our data center build.
We could not have done it without you.
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