News & Updates
  • April 2012: Ron Hughes, Founder of CDCDG steps down to take a position appointed by Governor Jerry Brown with the California Technology Agency.
  • March 2012: State of CA /CDCDG are nominated for GEIT Award for Data Center Retrofit Design Category.
  • March 2012: KIO Networks / CDCDG are nominated for GEIT Award for Cutting Edge Data Center Design Category.
  • Feb 2012: CDCDG completes commissioning Porto Segura's primary data center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Feb 2012: CDCDG Retained to complete expansion design for State of California Vacaville Data Center.
  • Feb 2012: CDCDG Completes commissioning of Fuel Cell Project for Adobe in San Jose, California.
  • Feb 2012: Michael Cantrell, Partner with CDCDG speaks at Data Center Fiber Optic Symposium.

  • Jan 2012: CDCDG finalizes Multi Data Center Upgrade for John Muir Health in Northern California.
  • December 2011: CDCDG begins design for GE Health Care’s Southern California Cancer Diagnostics Research Facility Data Center.
  • December 2011: CDCDG Completes TIER Assessment for California Department of Health Care Services Data Center.
  • November 2011: Construction begins on KIO Panama Collocation Data Center.
  • November 2011: CDCDG’s design for the State of California’s Primary Data Center is awarded TIER III Design Certification.
  • October 2011: CDCDG is the Keynote Speaker at Data Center Dynamics in Bogota, Columbia.
  • October 2011: CDCDG Contracted to assist in defining the new Rate Structure for State of California Data Centers.
  • September 2011: CDCDG Designs high Availability Telecommunications Infrastructure for CalTrans Data Center.
  • August 2011: CDCDG defines cutting edge infrastructure for new northern California Medical Center Data Center and Patient Tower.
  • July 2011: CDCDG commissions report for Data Center Pulse to define higher inlet temperatures for servers validating substantial cost savings.
  • June 2011: CDCDG Participates in City of San Francisco Data Center Consolidation Effort to define requirements for new High Density Data Center Space.
  • March 2011: Seminar topics will include TIA Standards Updates and Structured Cabling Infrastructure education corresponding to the ongoing need for High Density solutions to support the State of California Consolidation initiative.
  • March 2011: The "Bake Off" will consist of multiple manufactures of layer 1, 2 and 3 Network Infrastructure to establish standards for the California Technology Services Agency.
  • December 2010: CDCDG completes electrical testing at KIO data centers new Santa Fe site. This new state of the art high density data center is currently preparing for commissioning in January 2011. As part of the electrical testing a new 24 kV electrical service was installed and brought on line. A second electrical service is planned for 2012, giving the site dual power feeds.
  • December 2010: CDCDG's designs a data center in Panama City, Panama. CDCDG's conceptual design was recently completed and accepted for a new modular data center to be built in Panama City. The new data center will be a joint venture with KIO and their local partners.
  • December 2010: CDCDG completes Design Review for Caltrans District 7 Data Center for potential Tier III Upgrade
  • December 2010: CDCDG Completes Peer Design Review for VSP (Vision Service Plan) Data Center Expansion.
  • CDCDG is assisting the State of California Office of Technology with a preliminary investigation for using containerized high density, energy efficient data centers. As the State computing needs are expanding the Office of Technology is looking at innovative ideas to accommodate their technology growth with CDCDG's help.

  • CDCDG has just completed the commissioning phase of the Go Daddy phase VI project in Phoenix Az. This followed CDCDG's initial involvement of developing the owner's project requirements for the project and being retained as owner's representative during the design and construction phases. The project includes the addition of two new server rooms, one medium the other high density, both supported with infrastructure that has Tier III attributes. CDCDG has been retained by Go Daddy to develop the phase VII project requirement that include a further two new server rooms.
  • Organizations Partner for Data Center Optimization Seminar.The seminar's keynote will be given by Michael Cantrell & Ron Hughes of CDCDG.
  • CDCDG research for Data Center Pulse showcased at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Summit. Report to follow.
  • CDCDG to perform research in conjunction with SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) on optimization of HPC clusters and datacenter operation.
  • CDCDG invited to speak at the Intel Power Summit.
  • CDCDG awarded datacenter design project in Panama.
  • Cerified Data Center Design Group (CDCDG) was retained by Adobe to commission three (3) sets of four (4) solid oxide fuel cells at their corporate headquarters in San Jose, California.
  • CDCDG participates in eBay data center design selection process.
    See the video with James Monahan of CDCDG.
  • CDCDG chairs Data Center Dynamics conference in San Francisco, CA.
  • CDCDG integrates Fiber Channel over Ethernet into new High Density Federated model data center for the State of California.
  • Ron Hughes gives keynote address at Data Center Dynamics conferences in Sydney, Australia and Madrid, Spain.
  • CDCDG named as data center consultant for State of California's data center consolidation plan
  • CDCDG designs Federated Data Center for State of California
  • CDCDG completes commissioning of Copart Data Center in Reno, Nevada
  • CDCDG has been appointed by the State of CA to upgrade the Office of Technology's data center in Sacramento
  • CDCDG selected to commission a major Data Center expansion in Newark, California for a confidential client.
  • CDCDG completes the design development stage for the National Corporation for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) supercomputing data center in Wyoming
  • CDCDG welcomes a new partner to our team. Further announcements to follow shortly
  • CDCDG continues to participate as speaker for the Data Center Dynamic conference in the US plus upcoming engagements in Spain and Australia and Hong Kong.
  • GoDaddy appoints CDCDG to manage the design of their sixth data center phase in Phoenix
  • KIO Networks to build new energy efficient/high density data center in Santa Fe, Mexico
  • CDCDG Completes Design for Met Center Technology Park in Austin, Texas
Our Clients
CDCDG was a pleasure to work with on the evaluation of our 131,000 square foot data center.
CDCDG was a tremendous help to us in figuring out our long term data center requirements.
CDCDG has been a real asset to us in helping us choose the location for our backup data center.
The commissioning process was effortless thanks to CDCDG.
From concept to commissioning CDCDG was an invaluable partner to us.
CDCDG's thorough evaluations of our statewide data center initiative has helped us to be a success.
It's been a pleasure working with you on another successful data center project.
Your support of our worldwide data center initiative has helped us to our success.
Your design oversight saved us thousands of dollars on our data center build.
We could not have done it without you.
News & Updates
  • April 2012: Ron Hughes, Founder of CDCDG steps down to take a position appointed by Governor... » More
  • March 2012: State of CA /CDCDG are nominated for GEIT Award for... » More
  • March 2012: KIO Networks / CDCDG are nominated for GEIT Award for Cutting Edge Data Center Design Category... » More
  • Feb 2012: CDCDG completes commissioning Porto Segura's primary data center... » More
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